AAStL Library

"The true university these days is a collection of books."
- Thomas Carlyle 

"All that mankind has done, thought, gained  or been: it is lying as in magic preservation in the pages of books."
- Thomas Carlyle 

Check-Out  Policy
Books are available for current members to check out for a $10 cash deposit, refundable upon return of the book.

To check out a book, email our librarian at  sgerrie@earthlink.net  with your  name, the BookID, Author and Title.  Your books will be available for pick-up at the next meeting.


The following is a partial list of books in the library: 

10001 - Realm of the Universe: Fourth Edition by Abell,  George O.,  David Morrison and Sidney C.Wolff

10002 - Astrology, Your Place in the Sun by Adams,  Evangeline

10003 - Bowl of Heaven, The by Adams,  Evangeline

10004 - Astrology and Your Future by Adler,  Michele

10005 - Daily Use of the Ephemeris, The by Aldrich,  Elizabeth, Dorothy B. Hughes

10006 - Basic Principles of Astrology, The: A Modern View of an Ancient Science by American Federation of Astrologers

10007 - Tables of Diurnal Planetary Motion by American Federation of Astrologers

10008 - Sun Signs/Moon Signs: The Other Side of Astrology by Anderson,  Jefferson

10009 - Astrologer's Ephemerides, The: 1880-1890 (Noon GMT) by Aries Press

10010 - Astrologer's Ephemerides, The: 1890-1900 (Noon GMT) by Aries Press

10011 - Astrologer's Ephemerides, The: 1900-1910 (Noon GMT) by Aries Press

10012 - Astrologer's Ephemerides, The: 1910-1920 (Noon GMT) by Aries Press

10013 - Astrologer's Ephemerides, The: 1940-1950 (Midnight GMT) by Aries Press

10014 - Tables of Houses: Equator to 66° North Latitude by Aries Press

10015 - Astrology Karma and Transformation: The Inner Dimensions of the Birth Chart by Arroyo, Stephen